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Gábor Matuz

How useful is CVSS Score in CVE triage - The CVSS who cried wolf

Based on CVSS Score alone you cannot effectively prioritize issues without taking considerable risk. Other than the practically non-existent Low CVSS severity category all have numerous exploited vulnerabilities

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We analyzed 750 exploited vulnerabilities so you don't have to

Doing what sounds rasonable is great, but we have data. TL DR: most vulnerabilities that you must patch are in collaboration tools, CMSs, web frameworks, web servers, administrative and developer tools and security appliances. You should also set automatic updates for Windows.

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The problem with CVEs

So this one goes out to the young DevOps, shift left automation folk. I don’t think any of this is going to be new if you are an OG sysadmin and ever waited with dread for the next Patch Tuesday.

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